Snapchat has launched an Avatar Lens to allow users to explore Pandora.

In conjunction with the release of the eagerly awaited movie Avatar: The Way of the Water, Snapchat and Disney have teamed together to develop an AR Lens that transforms any Snapchatter into a Na’vi.

In an effort to improve entertainment through the enchantment of augmented reality, Snapchat has used bespoke augmented reality in its app before.

The most successful film of all time remains Avatar. James Cameron was the director of the movie, which earned $2.749 billion in total. On December 15, 2022, the follow-up, which has waited more than 12 years, will be released in theatres.

How does the Avatar Lens function?

The Lens uses machine learning, more specifically “generative adversarial neural networks,” to give each Snapchatter a customized experience. To change Snapchatters in real-time, it makes use of cutting-edge computer vision technology and 3D graphics.

They will change with the Lens in terms of their mouth, eyes, head shape, hair, and skin. By having a blue-striped face, the user will be able to realize their dream of becoming a real Avatar.

AR and entertainment merged

Entertainment is the main industry on Snapchat that uses augmented reality technology. Information about how Snapchat makes use of incorporating augmented reality technology into its platform has been made public.

A 32 percent increase in reach was seen for theatrical campaigns in 2021 that used AR lenses. The likelihood that consumers will choose a company that has created an AR experience is increased by 41%, according to Snapchat.

With the help of these augmented realities (AR) experiences, viewers may discover new virtual worlds, get a closer look at the movie characters, and get a more immersive and intimate sense of the director’s vision and storytelling.

Additionally, Snapchat reported that compared to non-AR analogs, augmented reality (AR) attracts roughly twice as much visual attention, which improves consumer retention and increases their responsiveness.