Zappi Presents Predictive Advertising Tool to Understand the Impact of Advertising on Brand Equity and Sales

Zappi, the brand-created advertising, and innovation testing platform, announced the launch of Zappi Amplify TV, a revolutionary advertising insight tool. Developed and powered by leading global brands such as PepsiCo and Johnsonville, Zappi Amplify TV offers a new method of television advertising designed to enable brands to predict their advertising success in today’s media environment. The Zappi Amplify ad system is the first in a series of pre-test ad systems.

Advertisers must accurately predict the effect of their ads before they are displayed to maximize return on investment and make any necessary optimizations to ensure they bring the best versions to market. And because short-term advertising can generate long-term sales and brand value, companies can predict the effect of an ad on both.

Zappi’s ad testing method combines traditional and best-in-class ad testing methods with new approaches to provide a reliable prediction of the impact of ads on sales and brand value. Instead of ‘black box’ IP and complex analytics, Zappi Amplify TV focuses on output transparency, consistency, and viability to deliver more accurate ROI predictions to the market, 70% faster than traditional competitors.

Brands can use Zappi Amplify TV to:

  • Update your advertising search to the modern world: Ads can appear in an increasingly difficult world. Existing research methods are a good place to start, but Zappi’s Amplify methodology extends the best existing methods to help companies get started advertising in today’s environment.
  • Predict Ad ROI More Accurately: Zappi has tested more than 2,000 ads for some of the biggest brands in the world. As a result, Amplify TV’s approach predicted that the market ROI would be significantly better than the previous model from Kantar and Ipsos.
  • Act quickly, without sacrificing depth or accessibility – brands need quick, cost-effective responses to test their ads as often as possible to fix them.

A suite of solutions based on the same Amplify methodology will be introduced in the coming months to help brands test their digital ads and storyboards.

About Zappi

Zappi is an advertising and innovation testing platform created by brands for brands. Your insights become more valuable as you try to learn about Zappi’s unique platform, created in collaboration with some of the biggest consumer brands in the industry.

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