Wishpond’s Brax Improves Indigenous Advertising Platform In Partnership With ROI Marketplace And Additions With MGID

Wishpond Technologies Ltd, a provider of marketing-focused online business solutions, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Brax has partnered with ROI Marketplace LLC. (“ROI Marketplace”), a leading national advertising agency. The partnership aims to promote the Brax platform and migrate the existing customer base from ROI Marketplace to the Brax platform. Additionally, Joe Burton, CEO of ROI Marketplace and a regular speaker at industry events such as Affiliate World and TES Conference, will join the Brax Advisory Panel, bringing years of experience managing local ad campaigns for Brax products.

Kevin Ho, General Manager of Brax, commented on the importance of the partnership: “We are incredibly excited to be working with Joe and the ROI Marketplace team. They are true leaders and innovators in the local advertising space, fueling the technology of their Brax. The Brax agency delivers smooth results. We look forward to our future together, where we will deliver innovative native advertising solutions to our customers.”

Market ROI, listed on Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies, is considered the market leader in the native advertising space. ROI Marketplace was recently named Native Media Innovator of the Year (Media Innovator Awards).

“I’m excited to join the Brax team,” said Joe Burton, CEO and ROI Marketplace. “I have worked in various roles at Brax over the past eight years and I always thought they had a great team. ROI Marketplace is considered one of the best Native Marketing agencies in the world and working with one of the best Native Advertising Optimization platforms like Brax is something we are excited about. Together we will refine and continue to develop their amazing technology to provide all the tools and resources every media buyer needs to succeed.”

Wishpond is also pleased to announce the launch of Brax’s integration with MGID Inc. (“MGID”), an indoor advertising network provider with access to over 32,000 publishers worldwide and over 850 million unique visitors per month. This new integration opens the door for Brax to integrate a wider audience of advertisers while giving Brax’s current customer base more ad network options to choose from.

Features of this integration include the ability to manage MGID ad spend directly on Brax and create MGID ads directly on Brax with the ability to run on other ad networks simultaneously. Wishpond also offers built-in optimization tools such as ad A/B testing and the ability to create rules to optimize ad campaigns across multiple ad platforms.