Vuture Connect allows partners to send personalized emails in the palm of their hand

Vuture, the leader in enterprise technology services, announced Vuture Connect, which allows partners to send personalized emails to selected customers in the palm of their hand. Marketers can allow partners to easily create emails and send them to contacts using a flexible set of parameters that work by integration with LexisNexis InterAction or without CRM.

Vuture Connect brings the best of personalized email to your phone. Marketing teams can now extend their campaigns to encourage partners to communicate directly with prospects and prospects, all in a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints. It also increases engagement between partners and customers, enabling marketers to track performance and manage rules across the enterprise.

As a standalone device-centric mobile device, Vuture Connect gives partners control over what email they want to send to specific customers and contact lists, allowing them to add a personal touch to each send, such as personalized messages, language, signature, or subject lines of the email recipient. With Vuture Connect and integration with LexisNexis InterAction, Vuture enables trading partners to use data to create personalized experiences, ensure all data maps to CRM in real-time, and keep the valuable data source up to date and needed.

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Vuture Partners benefit from a variety of world-class resources:

  • Easy-to-use mobile user interface: Partners can easily customize and email them on their phones, no technical training required.
  • CRM Integration: With CRM data available, marketers can enable partners to send emails instantly and ensure all communications are tracked and contact lists are kept up-to-date.
  • Centralized information and control: Marketers maintain control and create lists and deadlines for partners so any immediate work can be tracked and measured as part of a campaign, with comprehensive performance measurement in one place.

“We are excited to bring the power of Vuture to our partners’ mobile devices. Today’s partner is interactive and dynamic, as are their prospects and prospects. Vuture Connect provides businesses with a mobile solution that enables partners to personalize communications. The measurability and insights essential for data-driven marketing,” said Cerri Mac, Senior Director of Global Account Management at Vuture.

About Vuture

Vuture, a brand of the CM Group, is changing the way professional service providers communicate and interact with their customers. Vuture’s customer engagement platform has deep integrations with the world’s leading CRM vendors, making it easier for users to create and maintain personalized email, events, and communications across multiple channels using value-based customer experiences. The platform’s automation technology and robust security features enable merchants and professional services partners to build trusting relationships, drive loyalty and deliver compelling experiences that put their customers at the center of the business.