Twitter is testing three new ad formats

Twitter began testing three new ad formats earlier this week. These formats include interactive text ads, Product Explorer ads, and collection ads.

“Starting with the first experiments, our goal is to understand how new formats appeal to consumers and drive results for advertisers. We will test, learn and iterate based on performance and customer feedback,” said Madeline Bayer, product manager at the group, and Lauren Nagra, product manager.

Bud Light, Oreo, and Wendy’s are the other brands that test these ads. They are testing interactive text ads with a bigger, thicker font. These ads allow advertisers to highlight up to three words in the ad text, which can lead the audience to a landing page when clicked. They can choose from ten accent colors.

Bayer and Nagra wrote, “Not only will it be easier for these ads to grab attention as people scroll through your timeline, but the highlighted words will give consumers a new way to interact with ad text.”

When it comes to product exploration ads, 3D is entering the brand mix for the first time. Consumers can flip and swipe products to view them from different angles. If you want more information about the product, click on the ad store button and go to the advertiser’s page.

For aggregated ads, brands can view one main image and five smaller thumbnail images. The main image remains static when users scroll horizontally through the thumbnails. Each image can take the audience to different websites or landing pages.

Only a few brands like Bose, Lexus, and New Balance in the US test these ads.

Bayer and Nagra wrote: “Over the past two years, we’ve worked hard to simplify our ad package, make our products more effective and measurable, and give advertisers more choice and new controls. Looking ahead, we see the untapped potential to develop more creative and innovative ad formats that ultimately deliver results and value not just for advertisers, but consumers and creators as well.

They continued, “We envision a future for Twitter advertising where our products: provide advertisers with opportunities for more creative storytelling and brand expression at every stage of the funnel; provide consumers with a more engaging, rewarding, and interactive ad experience; ” and help advertisers harness and unlock the power of conversation on Twitter. You’ll see how we experiment with ad formats that help us achieve these goals and bring that ad vision to life on Twitter.”