This brand shows ads made during the IPL on the PPT to make clear the importance of saving money

Fi, the fast-growing new bank, launched its campaign during the Indian Premier League (IPL) season, but with a crucial twist. With disruptive thinking at the heart of new ventures like Fi, the brand has a whole new idea of ​​conventional TV advertising. The ad itself is aimed at Gen Y target audiences and professionals who sit at home and give presentations about their work. The campaign would appear on Hotstar, YouTube, and Instagram during the last season of the Indian Premier League.

Sujith Narayanan, co-founder, and CEO commented on the first campaign of its kind: “IPL is a very energetic and decibel television event. Brands (which we’ve included in the past) spend a lot of money producing and running ads. We look for ways to know if Fi is a smart savings account. Fi’s features help users save smartly through unique and intuitive ways that users will love. Our campaign has already spoken and showed the ad in presentation form, a tool that we already know thanks to a year and a half at home. “

Built for the first digital generation, Fi makes financing more accessible to users. Fi has features like Ask Fi, a financial assistant that allows users to ask questions about their spending. How – “How much did I spend on shopping this month?” or “Show me my travel expenses in Goa”

Fi has a unique feature called FIT Rules that allows users to save using conditional rules. For example, “Save $50 every time I order food online” or “Save $6 every time I make a Virat at 6”. Fi’s debit card features in the campaign include many offers and no exchange fees. Users save money in “pots” for the things they want and earn up to 5.1% interest on them.

Fi unveiled its waitlist for early access to the app in April 2021. Waitlisted users immediately have an unbalanced savings account and a debit card issued in collaboration with the Federal Bank and Visa.