The advertising industry is doubling its obligations

As the advertising industry continues to work together to combat online hate speech, advertising industry leaders, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) have announced plans this year for #EngageResponsibly (# ER)). #EngageResponsibly is an initiative by Pernod Ricard, donated to ANA and combined with GARM to create an industry-wide initiative. This comprehensive effort will harness the power and reach of leading brands and social media platforms to empower and empower small and medium businesses (SMEs) and consumers. The goal is to combat hate speech online through education and action. This includes responsible dialogue and behavior on social media and the use of social platform tools to report hate speech online.

More than 80% of Americans feel a responsibility to be part of the online solution to hate speech. We know that more than 65% of SMEs want to take an active role in combating hate speech online, but they need tools and resources to direct their efforts,” said Bob Liodice, CEO of ANA. “With this initiative, ANA brings together ANA industry to educate and inspire consumers to act We provide the industry with a ready-made, free solution that complies with brand protection protocols committed by organizations to responsible advertising within the GARM framework the person concerned about hate online joins us. “

At the heart of the effort is the development of robust educational resources to help small and medium-sized businesses and consumers understand the problem of online hate speech, its links to global violence, and how to act, including using existing tools on global platforms to report hate speech online and for small and medium businesses how to manage brand security.

A similar campaign will be launched together to inspire SMEs and consumers to participate and take action in the field of education. The campaign will use the brand’s platform and channels to increase its reach. Ongoing opportunities and programming, starting with a launch event, will bring together industry leaders, non-governmental organizations, large brands, small and medium businesses, platforms, influencers, and consumers to educate and play an active role in eliminating hate speech on the web.

“Hate has no place on our platform. At TikTok, we constantly work to maintain a supportive environment where our community can focus on what’s important to them: being creative, finding a community, and having fun. Our goal is to create a safe space where people can support and help each other. We are excited to continue our partnership with GARM and have the opportunity to support an initiative like #EngageResponsibly,” said Julie de Bailliencourt, TikTok’s global head of product policy.

“Everyone has a role to play in keeping the digital ecosystem safe, whether it’s a company or an individual. It’s never been more important to come together and build on the momentum we’re working on. We’re working hard to combat online hatred and ensure that people and brands feel safe wherever they spend their time digitally,” said Meg Haley, Global Head, Twitter Revenue Specialist.

“We are proud to join this unprecedented industry effort for #EngageResponsively and unite around our shared commitment to fighting hatred online. From the beginning, we’ve tried to be mindful of the Snapchat architecture and our products designed to prioritize communication between close friends and avoid opportunities to reach excessive content. its platforms to improve its ability to detect, combat and prevent, amplify, combat and prevent hate speech on a large scale. We thank GARM and ANA for their leadership and look forward to finding ways to do our part to make safer and healthier environments ​​for our community,” said Nona Farahnik Yadegar, Director of Platform Policy, and Snap.