SpringServe Enables Video Ads in SXSW TV Apps

SpringServe, the leading partner platform for TV advertising (CTV), today announced a strategic partnership with SXSW to feed inventory of its video-on-demand content online and in SXSW TV apps.

SpringServe’s advanced ad service and inventory management technology help publishers optimize revenue to unlock the full value of their inventory, ensuring high-quality advertising experiences. SXSW will use SpringServe to provide visitors with high-quality in-app video ad experiences.

“We created SXSW TV to provide our audience with a premium viewing experience wherever they are. Advanced technology has allowed us to connect our sponsors with our audience in new and exciting ways,” said Justin Bankston, CTO, SXSW

With its online programming and affiliate TV apps, SXSW can bring its great content directly to competitors, whether they are audiences in Austin or halfway around the world. The chronological and geographic barriers have dropped, both for the creators creating the opportunity and for the audience eager to learn from them. Just as the physical event adds value by connecting sponsors with attendees, they will also benefit from exposure on SXSW TV and online programming.

“SpringServe’s platform can be used across any video environment. As the industry is gathering together, we’re thrilled to be a part of such a large-scaled event like SXSW, helping presenters reach consumers on the go. SXSW will deliver a superior consumer and advertiser experience, ensuring high-quality video engagement,”

Joe Hirsch, General Manager, SpringServe.