Simple Mills Debuts FIRST National Advertising Campaign Titled “Live Full”

Today, Simple Mills, the best snack sector for you, is launching its first national advertising campaign, Live Full. Simple Mills’ nutritious snacks promise never to slow you down – they provide the energy you need to get up to speed and live life to the fullest.

The Live Full mindset comes to life in the new – and previous – advertising campaign launched today across video, social media, digital and audio. The FIG agency’s campaign has a recognizable human approach. It highlights times in our daily life when we are in a state of “flow” while doing things and getting up.

Thanks to Simple Mills’ nutritious snacks, including Dessert Mix No. 1, cookie no. 1, the No. 3 cookie brand, and the first ten natural diners of channel 1, you should never feel overwhelmed. Simple Mills products are made with only specific ingredients – and never with anything artificial – to give you the energy and lightness you need to live a full life. “At Simple Mills, we believe that food affects how you feel, which is why we create nutritious and delicious products from specific ingredients that work hard for your body and make you feel good so you can live a full life. “, she said. Michelle Lorge, Marketing Director at Simple Mills. “We are excited to bring our mission to life in our first advertising campaign and raise consumer expectations about how their snacks can make them feel.”

“The ‘Live Full’ campaign is not just another marketing story,” said Frederick Stallings, partner of FIG Data & Media Systems. “As Simple Mills’ mission to provide long-term nutrition, our campaign lays the foundation for performance through high-impact responsive channels, full-funnel integration techniques, and a care-based metrics approach optimized for growth. As Simple Mills grows, so does its ability to create a cohesive and passionate brand story for the future. ”

About simple mills

Founded in 2012, Simple Mills is a leading provider of the finest biscuits, biscuits, snack bars, and bakery mixes made with clean, nutritious, and never artificial ingredients. In just nine years, the company has placed categories in the No. 1 bakery mix aisle, the No. 1.1 biscuit and becomes the 3rd cookie brand on Natural Channel 1, with distribution to more than 25,000 stores nationwide. Simple Mills’ mission is to promote the holistic health of the planet and its people, positively impacting the way food is prepared.