Sainsbury’s welcomes customers back to Christmas in this year’s festive ad

Sainsbury’s is urging viewers to make it a “banquet” this Christmas in its festive announcement after the blockade was lifted last year.

Created by Wieden Kennedy London, the 60-second film immerses viewers in a single snapshot of a traditional Christmas dinner, traveling through the scene to allow viewers to see every detail. Etta James’ song “At Last” is played from start to finish.

With someone opening the Christmas tree lights, the words “Welcome back to Christmas” appear on the screen in the recognizable color and font of the Sainsbury brand. Everyone in the scene freezes, with an animated dog left in the air, grandma and grandchildren frozen playing a drag queen-themed game of ‘Who Am I?’, and a woman holding a bottle of Sainsbury’s prosecco opens it.

After tormenting every member of the family, plus a table full of Christmas food, the camera pulls back and resumes the scene. The ad’s title, ‘A Christmas to Savor’, appears on the screen as actor and presenter Stephen Fry say, “It’s been a while, let’s make a Christmas enjoy.”

The ad first airs on ITV today (November 14) during the Angela Black Special intermission. Film debut on November 22, with a 20-second cut, also shown on TV and social networks.

“As many of us were unable to spend Christmas with our loved ones last year, we, along with the nation, are very excited to celebrate Christmas completely again,” said Radha Davies, director of creative communication and branding at Saintsbury’s.

Earlier this month, Sainsbury’s reported a profit before tax of £371m in the 28 weeks to September 18, up 23% from the first half of last year.

Digital played an important role, with the group maintaining a high level of digital sales after changing consumer behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Around 39% of the supermarket’s retail sales were digital during the first half, generating £5.8 billion in revenue. As a result, the retailer has increased its focus on digital marketing messages, according to Simon Roberts, CEO of Sainsbury’s.