Roku’s Clean Room Debuts for TV Upfronts

Roku's Clean Room Debuts for TV Upfronts

Roku, Inc. announced the Roku Clean Room, a data collaboration environment that prioritizes privacy and allows advertisers and agencies to use their encrypted data to make it easier to plan and measure advertising campaigns, all without relying on cookies or consortia.

Roku’s cleanroom was created specifically for TV streaming. Its scheduling and metering capabilities make it the only cleanroom to use direct-to-consumer audio data and linear TV data on Roku, the #1.1 TV streaming platform in America*.

For starters, an advertiser uploads their data in a secure environment. Cleanroom provides a secure connection between data and advertiser data. This allows brands to combine their data without sharing or disclosing any identifiable data, protecting consumers from direct identification. Within the cleanroom, advertisers are free to query associated data and perform their analysis to understand the potential purpose of the campaign, current audience delivery, and the ads’ impact on sales and offers. Roku’s cleanroom is built on Snowflake and leading Media Data Cloud technologies.

“The future of television advertising will not depend on cookies or vulnerable consortia, but on direct contact with real consumers,” said Louqman Parampath, vice president of product management. “We are excited to help marketers accelerate the transition to streaming TV, putting privacy and transparency first.”

Omnicom Media Group, dentu, Horizon Media, Icon Media Direct, and Camelot now use cleanroom in live campaigns. Roku’s cleanroom also integrates directly with OneView, an advertising platform built for streaming TV, allowing marketers to easily move from planning to buying without additional steps, third-party costs, or lost audience.

“Roku Cleanroom allows us to provide Omnicom customers with holistic multi-screen metering, scheduling, and activation using Omni ID, further expanding our multi-part cleaning capabilities,” said Adam Gitlin, Annalect President, Division and Division of Analysis operates Omnicom’s Omnicom orchestration platform.