Retina AI brings lifelong customer value analytics to Google Ads

Retina AI brings lifelong customer value analytics to Google Ads

Retina AI, a leader in predictive customer value (pCLV) intelligence, today announced an integration with Google Ads that will allow customers to track the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns to reach high-profile customers for brands.

With the new integration, customers can now easily measure their advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google. The new features are available to all existing customers and work directly in the Google Ads UI they are already familiar with.

“Most ad campaigns are optimized for customer acquisition and conversion costs, but brands need to stop paying to acquire them all,” said Emad Hasan, CEO of Retina AI. “About 30% of customers acquired through campaigns based solely on these metrics will not be profitable, which is why measurement with pCLV is so critical: it ensures that ad spend is not wasted on unprofitable ads and audiences.”

Retina-generated pCLV scores can be viewed in custom columns in Google Ads tables. The tool includes several predefined columns, including:

  • Total CLV: A dollar value representing the total CLV of all customers who clicked on an ad or extension within a selected period.
  • CLV Conversions: Represents the number of customers who clicked on an ad or extension during a selected period.
  • Average CLV – dollar value that represents the Agg. CLV divided by CLV Conv. This shows the average CLV of customers who click on an ad.
  • CLV: CAC – is a ratio between the average CLV divided by the cost per conversion and represents the relationship between the CLV and the customer’s purchase cost.


The retina is a leader in predictive customer lifetime value (pCLV) intelligence that transforms e-commerce customer acquisition for growing brands. The company uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to provide industry-leading insights into pCLV, enabling marketers to acquire valuable customers and increase brand loyalty without relying on cookies or third-party IDFA. Retina’s customers include world-class brands such as Madison Reed and Dollar Shave Club. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.