Pine Labs addresses kirana warriors in an ad film

Pine Labs launched a multi-channel marketing campaign to honor the dedication and selfless service of India’s top retail warriors.

The film released during this campaign captures the lives of Kirana store owners, small pharmacists, and individual entrepreneurs during the pandemic. The film shows the risk and fatigue these people go through to keep the rest of the country safe at home. It ends with an expression of gratitude – “thank you for turning on the lights during our darkest hours”.

B. Amrish Rau, CEO of Pine Labs, said: “The unsung heroes who have emerged from the COVID-19 outbreak are great retail warriors, store owners, and their employees. From the first national locks to today’s micro-locks, their services continue in this time of crisis. Our film tries to capture their daily work and how they adapt to the new normal. We hope the film inspires everyone and makes us more aware of retailers’ efforts to keep our country afloat.”

“The more we do, the less it is! Retail workers did a commendable job during the pandemic and their efforts should be recognized. “I am thrilled with the efforts of our marketing team and how they have brought the daily struggles of these leading retail warriors to life with this film,” said Nitish Asthana, president, and COO of Pine Labs.