NBCU’s ‘Chucky’ Brings Bullying Tactics to Social Media, NY Comic-Con

With a series of daunting social media activations, NBCU is committed to encouraging mobile users ahead of the new “Chucky” series. Interactive elements, like a great game on TikTok and Instagram Reels, try to take engagement beyond mere exposure, while the “Where’s Chucky?” feature on Instagram uses AR technology to customize the marketing experience. Activations also maintain haunted themes through exciting jumps and music that can resonate with the character’s fans.

Implementing scare tactics can be an effective way for horror-themed brands to stimulate public debate. Fear has been shown to promote brand loyalty, which takes advantage of marketers even if their identities are not directly related to horror. Initiating this tactic through social media can allow brands to expand their reach and explore viral pathways.

Chucky’s New York Comic Con performance combines petty tactics with an experimental pop-up. Following the story that Chucky killed the Good Guys ice cream truck driver (a nod to the pop maker in the original franchise), he blasts the exterior with select groups and throws him into the event on the truck. The effort was a partnership with The Many agencies.

The New York Comic-Con attracts passionate fans, many of whom belong to franchises, making the event a strategic opportunity to promote “Chucky”. In addition, Halloween’s proximity to the event provides a fresh element that can further enhance the show’s relevance. Attendees were also able to see a preview of the first episode on October 8th, as well as a Q&A session with the show’s creator and one of the actresses.

Complementing the marketing efforts surrounding “Chucky” is the sponsorship of Verzuz’s fight between rappers Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One, which takes place on October 17th. Verzuz, acquired by Triller Network earlier this year, is a live music streaming platform that targeted content and a family tree of past celebrities. Activation can help NBCU expand its reach among mobile users.