Most advertisers are unable to maximize the use of First-Party data

With the elimination of third-party cookies and device-level identifiers, first-party data is becoming the number one choice for advertisers, with 86 percent saying it’s essential. But only 40% believe they maximize the use of their data.

The vast majority (83%) of brands say they will trust their data more, but 38% are not sure they have the right technology to classify their data with metadata.

Primary data is information that companies can gather from their own resources. In other words, all customer information from online and offline sources, such as the company website, app, CRM, social media, or surveys, is proprietary data. Importantly, the data itself can be collected free of charge, and the company that owns the data has all the necessary consent from the customer. In the GDPR era, this is very important. By using your data, you can provide users with personalized experiences and display relevant advertisements.

Just over half (53%) of advertisers say a taxonomy of marketing data will be essential once Apple and Google announce the changes.