Michael Jordan Celebrates 75th NBA Season in New Movie

The NBA has unveiled “NBA Lane”, a short film that celebrates the league’s history before its 75th season, which will be broadcast on all NBA social platforms as part of its “NBA 75” campaign.

In the film, actor and producer Michael B. Jordan and more than 30 NBA players and legends come together to tell the story of the past 75 years through comedic and playful lenses.

Set in a fictional neighborhood where current NBA stars and legends live, NBA Lane takes fans on a journey with the personalities – past, present, and future – that made the game’s history. In the three-minute film, Jordan, the driver of the Hope bus, is nearby and takes a group of kids on a tour of the NBA neighborhood, showcasing 75 years of basketball culture. As the bus traverses the streets of the community, passengers appear in everyday environments with these prolific figures.

Former rivals Magic Johnson and Larry Bird become friendly neighbors; LeBron James takes care of his garden; Kareem Abdul Jabbar teaches Dirk Nowitzki the art of fishing; because Zion Williamson breaks a table down the street block, he’ll be around for another day. The tour honors the NBA legends who laid the foundation for the league and the current players who shape its future.

“NBA Lane was created to honor the history and future of the NBA,” said Kate Jhaveri, NBA Director of Marketing. “We are thrilled to bring together some of the league’s best players and legends to celebrate not only the 75th season of the NBA, but the bond fans have built with our game.”