Lumenad Announces the Release of Advertising Intelligence Software for Digital Marketers

Lumenad, a leading provider of advertisement data organization, standardization, and simulation tools, today announced the release of its flagship Advertising Intelligence software. Marketers who are frustrated by the heavily manual, do-it-yourself nature of advertisement data can use tools that significantly reduce the persistent challenges of ad data variety, volume, and velocity.

“We invented Advertisement Intelligence software primarily to help marketers handle their promotional data holistically,” said Lumenad CEO Ryan Hansen. “There are numerous products on the market that assist marketers in managing their received and owned media, but absolutely none rely solely on managing paid-media data. Our Brand Intelligence platform has been pressure tested against thousands of campaigns and more than $100 million in media spend, and it has been purpose-built to meet the basic demands of handling new cross-channel advertising.”

More than 70 advertisement metrics are standardized by the app in compliance with agreed ad industry guidelines. For the first time, Advertising Intelligence tech provides cross-channel ad data in a full uniform and impartial way. With newfound transparency in campaign performance, marketers will take the appropriate action for each channel based on the data.

About Lumenad
Lumenad built Advertising Intelligence software to assist marketers in being more flexible, proactive, and open in their marketing spend strategy. It’s an industry-validated method for streamlining data organization, standardization, and insights. As a result, advertisers will gain insight into and truly comprehend past, present, and future perspectives on ad campaigns. They will optimize the return on every ad dollar.