Lexus puts Marvel hero ‘Eternals’ behind the wheel in a new cinematic location

Lexus tries to capture the excitement surrounding the MCU with a campaign featuring a hero “Eternals”, which hits US theaters on November 5th. While the film itself is directed by recent Oscar winner ChloĆ© Zhao, the editor has turned to the directors of the Russian “Avengers” brothers to flesh out its signature blend of humor and high-budget action.

In the long run, Nanjiani’s bewildered Kingo encounters a host of everyday problems such as confusing parking signs, slow pedestrians, and people parking twice as they try to find a place to get out of the last Lexus sports sedan while in town everything around him is involved in a destructive battle of epic proportions. The ad features the story of actor Gaius Charles, the newcomer to Lexus’ general market ads.

Other automakers are looking to deepen their ties to Hollywood franchises as movie theaters reopen and studios spend more money promoting new releases and streaming shows. Toyota rival Hyundai struck a deal with Disney, which owns Marvel Studios, making the superhero brand an important part of its marketing in 2021.

A campaign launched last summer featured characters from the Disney+ series, including “Loki”, “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” and “WandaVision” as part of a larger “Question Everything” platform with the model Promote Tucson in 2022. Announced by Lexus, the partnership with Hyundai aims to replicate the look and feel of Marvel properties to create a story that is more integrated into the larger cinematic universe that has kept viewers engaged in its continuity.

In the ad, Lexus indicated that eagle fans may be spying on various MCU-related Easter eggs in “Parking Spot.” The automaker is targeting Generation Y consumers in their 30s and 40s with the platform, Lexus vice president of marketing Vinay Shahani told Variety.

Lexus already has its toes on the MCU. Before launching “Black Panther” in 2017, the dealer created custom movie-themed car models, along with a Marvel Custom Solutions comic that integrated the LC 500 vehicle into history.