Instagram launches shopping tab ads worldwide

Instagram will launch ads around the world in its shopping function, according to the Facebook app. The social media giant wants to make more money from brands looking to reach new customers.

Instagram Shop is an in-app photo and video sharing tab that allows users to browse items such as clothing and beauty products and, in some cases, purchase items directly from the Instagram app. Users can click on an Instagram shopping ad to see more details about the product, browse other brands, or save the product to a wish list.

These ads appear as blocks on the homepage of the Instagram Store page. Clicking on the ad will take you to the product details page, where you can learn more about the item, view additional images, and search for additional branded products. You can also save the product to your wish list or share it with friends. You can also hide or report the ad.

Instagram Shop was launched last year and is our fully dedicated shopping area. There, people can discover and buy new trends, check out the latest product releases, and support small businesses, all in one place. And for sellers, this surface allows them to display their products to more people.

The company began testing ads with a handful of select advertisers earlier this month, but the feature is now open to brands worldwide, wherever the Instagram store is available.