InMarket launches its Next Generation Lift Conversion Index® (LCI) attribution tool to optimize and manage campaigns from print to purchase

InMarket, a leader in 360-degree consumer intelligence and real-time activation, introduces next-generation attribution with its improved Lift Conversion Index (LCI), which provides a 360-degree view of a campaign’s true impact at the point of sale and online sales.

New features give users a rich, granular view of exposure, attribution, and conversion to enable continuous campaign optimization and maximize results. By combining robust sales and customer visit data, InMarket’s LCI allows users to harness the power of omnichannel attribution by combining the online and offline worlds. This speeds up campaign optimization and increases ROI.

New InMarket Booster Conversion Index features include:

  • Sales Mapping: A new sales mapping tool allows users to identify the impact of omnichannel media investments on sales and store visits. Through InMarket’s accurate and consistent datasets, including total sales, incremental sales, revenue growth, transaction speed, purchase speed, cart size, and more, users can link the sales impact of their media to discover the real ROAS.
  • Optimization Engine: A robust optimization engine identifies the key variables that drive success and elevates powerful campaign tactics into faster, smarter actions. The optimization engine allows users to leverage campaign performance metrics and generate immediate recommendations for better results.
  • Transformed user experience: LCI® Advanced Dashboard showcases key performance methods and provides faster and easier access to the data that matters most to users.

Based on InMarket’s solid sales and customer visit data, the Elevator Conversion Index provides an accurate picture of how media campaigns affect every step of the customer journey, from print to purchase. InMarket’s Omni-channel attribution solution combines new features with updated incremental growth calculations, including increased sales, accurate 1:1 correspondence improvements, improved forecasted visit methodology, and transparent statistical testing to increase applicable recommendations.

“Pedestrian traffic is the Holy Grail for us. If you can increase traffic, you can increase sales,” said Tim Ferris, head of precision marketing at Dunkin ‘Brands. “InMarket’s LCI allows us to limit advertising efforts by calculating the impact of those efforts through incremental visits and the revenue this generates for our franchisees effectiveness of our advertising. ”

Dunkin’ Brands’ success in leveraging incrementality to drive growth has been a key factor in recognizing Tim Ferris as an innovation leader at InMarket Elevators 2021. The InMarket Lift Leader Awards program recognizes and rewards individuals and organizations that demonstrate engagement, assign and use real-time information to drive growth for your brands.

InMarket Information

Since 2010, InMarket has been a leader in 360-degree consumer intelligence, real-time marketing for thousands of leading brands. InMarket’s data-driven marketing platform allows brands to build audiences, activate in real-time, and measure sales success. InMarket Ownership Moments delivers 6.5 times better than traditional mobile ads. *

InMarket, which has not raised VC funds, has more than 27 patents in localization, attribution, and digital marketing, and the self-service marketing platform GeoLink was awarded the best localization platform at the Digiday Technology Awards 2020. The national team is united in more than 20 states.