Hivestack, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas Partnership Brings Programmatic Buyers Additional Scale Across the U.S.

Hivestack, the global leader in out-of-home digital programmatic advertising (DOOH) technology, has announced a partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA), the US company Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO), one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the world. Through this new partnership, CCOA offers advertisers a way to programmatically acquire DOOH inventory through the Hivestack SSP, as well as target CCOA’s national digital printing in the United States. The partnership will allow CCOA to trade PMP purchases through Hivestack SSP and Open Exchange through Hivestack Ad Exchange.

This partnership comes as marketers continue to move toward data-driven multimedia solutions, including programmatic DOOH, to understand and plan for emerging public travel patterns and as consumers plan air and road travel during the fall and holidays.

Hivestack Founder and CEO Andreas Soupliotis commented: “This new alliance represents a historic step towards programmatic delivery of DOOH, enabling advertisers to reach audiences on an unprecedented scale through SSP Hivestack. At Programmatic DOOH and Hivestack are excited to do this. I travel with them”.

The partnership enables the programmatic purchase of CCOA’s unrivaled premium media portfolio in the United States. This includes CCOA’s digital billboards and posters, entertainment, airport media, bus stops, and commuter train stations, reaching more than 100 million people a month. In addition, it allows digital marketers to easily discover, purchase and evaluate CCOA media, along with other programmatic channels such as digital and mobile.

The partnership will allow CCOA to generate a new programmatic revenue stream from DOOH shoppers using Hivestack DSP, as well as shopper revenue using omnichannel DSP integrated with Hivestack SSP.

About Hivestack

Hivestack is the global full-stack marketing technology company driving the purchase and sale of programmatic digital advertising outside the home (DOOH). When it comes to shopping, marketers use Hivestack’s on-demand platform to create measurable campaigns ​​that activate real-time DOOH screens based on consumer behavior and audience movement patterns. On the sales side, DOOH media owners use the Hivestack publishing platform and Ad Exchange to increase programmatic revenue. DOOH media owners can also use the Hivestack ad server to promote audience-based direct sales campaigns. Attribution is critical to the Hivestack platform as it gives buyers and sellers the ability to measure business outcomes at every stage of the consumer sales funnel.

About Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO) is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies, with a diverse portfolio of more than 500,000 print and digital displays in 27 countries across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, reaching millions of people every month. A growing digital platform includes over 17,000 digital displays in international markets and over 2,000 digital displays (excluding airports), including over 1,500 digital displays, in the United States.