Here’s everything you need to know about Salesforce’s business content streaming platform, Salesforce+

In August, Salesforce announced plans to launch Salesforce+, a streaming service focused on business content. The goal was to gather all curated video content in one place and facilitate access for interested audiences.

Now, just days after the official launch at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event, we meet Leandro Perez, Salesforce’s Vice President of Asia Pacific Marketing, who tells us all about the new platform and why it’s not. call it “Netflix corporate content”.

In recent years, the way people use content has changed. Video is exploding, especially thanks to social channels like YouTube and Instagram, its changing people’s behavior. In places like India, this can mean up to 5 billion views per month. Anyway, the pandemic only accelerated that, with people staying home. We also released a lot of new content, original series, to help people during the pandemic. We launched ‘Leading through Change’, a series that looked at what can be done to help our community and our customers achieve it. It was a long way from our marketing goals. And sometimes we bring clients, celebrities or exhibitors into a chat.