Fox launches platform to help brands target ads

Fox is launching a platform called “Atlas” to help brands target digital video ads. The announcement was made at Fox’s Content Drives Commerce Brand Partnership Summit on March 23. Marketers are looking for new ways to target their customers amid third-party data suppression.

Atlas is initially presented as two different products: Fox Navigator and Fox Shield. Fox Navigator allows brands to contextually adapt their ads to their target audience. Fox Shield, on the other hand, will address brand relevance by combining ads with relevant content. Both products will be available under the Fox Media brands.

Atlas uses artificial intelligence to detect in real-time what appears on the screen. This allows advertisers to run their ads alongside an appropriate and relevant video.

“We built Atlas for the modern era. As the media landscape continues to evolve, traditional solutions have not served the buy-side or the sell-side well. In a world where context now matters more than ever, Atlas provides a new and precise level of insight and segmentation that will give buyers confidence when transacting with Fox.”

John Fiedler, executive VP and head of ad technology at Fox

Atlas will compete with other media company platforms that provide advertisers with digital video solutions after third-party data suppression.