Flippa Launches Partner Marketplace to Help Online Businesses Drive Growth

Flippa, the first global online marketplace for buying and selling online businesses and digital assets, has announced the launch of its new partner marketplace. The Flippa Partner Market is a community-driven marketplace that provides critical growth services such as digital marketing and web design to a selection of short-listed agencies and/or individuals and/or individuals from the community. Leveraging professional expertise within the ecosystem, Flippa’s partner marketplace aims to help online entrepreneurs and digital entrepreneurs take their business growth to the next level.

Flippa attracts many buyers who want to buy a business but may not have the domain experience to scale efficiently. The Partner Market allows online business owners and digital entrepreneurs to hire experts with experience in marketing and digital growth to help them move to the next phase of their ownership journey.

In addition, leverages the broad and deep experience of its community, which now has the opportunity to gain its experience.

Unlike other markets and brokerage networks, Flippa is the first to offer comprehensive support services. The market already offers platform integrations, extensive due diligence, and legal services to its buyers and sellers. And now entrepreneurs and investors in the network can count on partners specialized in composites. As the trend towards online business acquisitions continues to grow, so does the level of skills and technology needed to run an online business? Providing the entrepreneur with select options for digital marketing and other professional services lowers the barrier to entry, accelerates the transition, and helps the business grow faster, helping to accelerate the entrepreneur’s ROI and shorten the lead time.

There are approximately 16 experienced partners on the Partner Marketplace, which offers over 50 service packages in 13 categories, including:

  • Advice in the area of ​​digital marketing
  • Social media strategy
  • Web designer
  • Decrease
  • Graphic design
  • SEO Management
  • Accommodation
  • Virtual assistance

About Flippa

Flippa is the first global online platform for buying and selling digital properties such as websites, e-commerce stores, apps, social media accounts, newsletters, and online businesses. Flippa has more buyers than any other platform, with 600,000 monthly investor surveys looking to acquire companies and connect entrepreneurs with an outlet.