DoubleVerify Acquires OpenSlate to Strengthen CTV and Social Video Targeting

DoubleVerify, an ad verification company that helps brands ensure their messages are delivered in the right environments, is expanding its offerings in emerging social video and CTV markets with the acquisition of OpenSlate. Media dollars accelerated the shift to these channels during the pandemic, leaving consumers glued to platforms like TikTok and Roku, accelerating cable cutting. But social video and CTV remain Western in many ways, although they are expected to generate revenues of $56 billion and $16 billion, respectively, by 2023, according to estimates published locally.

CTV fraud has proven to be a persistent problem, with collisions increasing traffic and resulting in millions of lost impressions for advertisers. The social video presents its risks, with a focus on user-generated content, as sites like Facebook are increasingly struggling to allow freedom of expression by suppressing hate speech and other harmful content. As social apps grapple with targeting and measurement issues and escalating public image crises, this year more and more retailers are turning to traditional vacation strategies like direct-mail catalogs and TV ads, CNBC recently reported.

By combining their technologies, DoubleVerify and OpenSlate aim to give marketers greater pre-campaign control for delivery to relevant spaces, as well as more sophisticated ways to analyze their execution efforts. OpenSlate’s solutions focus on contextual targeting, a tactic that has become more common as marketers struggle to remove third-party cookies. DoubleVerify launched its contextual targeting offering called Custom Context last month.

OpenSlate’s announcement fell around DoubleVerify’s latest earnings group, which increased year-over-year revenue by 36% to $83.1 million for the period ended Sept. 30. The company has several existing partnerships that can be strengthened through the OpenSlate agreement. As such, it expects to be the only unified branding, visibility, and branding focus provider on TikTok. In August, it acquired European ad verification company Metrics GmbH for $24.3 million.

Ad technology mergers and acquisitions continued to increase at a time of turmoil in digital marketing. CTV specialist Tremor International bought the CTV ad server and management platform Spearad last month for $14.7 million. In August, Integral Ad Science Publica, another CTV advertising platform, purchased a $220 million transaction in cash and stock.