Cross-screen media and Flashtalking to improve campaign execution

Cross-Screen Media, a technology company specializing in the planning and measurement of optimized local TV and CTV advertising, announced a partnership with Flashtalking through Mediaocean, the leading independent global platform for omnichannel ad management, data-driven creative messaging, and unified insights. The partnership will allow advertisers to accurately target a personalized audience and measure screen impressions without relying on cookies by incorporating Flashtalking’s privacy device recognition ID, Ftrack, into the Cross-Screen Media platform. In addition, Cross-Screen Media will use Flashtalking decision tree technology to improve campaign impact by enabling both conditional and inline ads, enabling a custom story tailored to each audience.

Advertisers know that the most impactful campaigns contain messages designed and delivered to a specific audience. However, data-based audience targeting will become increasingly difficult as we move closer to stopping the use of third-party cookies. Our Flashtalking partnership with Mediaocean allows us to enable customers to consistently deliver the best creative followers to the right audience, which is making an impact now and as we move closer to a cookie-free future,” said Michael Beach, CEO of Cross Screen Media.

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The Cross-Screen Media platform allows advertisers to plan,

activate and update CTV and Linear TV locally. Brands and agencies benefit from unified scheduling with high-quality inventory and full visibility into each campaign’s performance across all screens.

“Mediaocean Flashtalking focuses on strategic partnerships that reflect a shared commitment to delivering the most advanced data-driven creative strategies and plans for our customers,” said John Nardone, President of Mediaocean. “As the industry faces a cookie-free future, marketers trust us to lead the way and we are excited to partner with Cross Screen Media.”

Mediaocean Flashtalking empowers marketers to engage consumers as it is the most trusted ad serving platform to promote campaign relevancy and improve performance. Marketers can leverage personalized advertising across all media channels, reducing risk, detecting fraud, and ensuring brand security.