Comscore Announces Agreement with Vistar Media to Offer Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Digital Audience Segmentation

Comscore, a trusted partner to more than 3,000 clients across local broadcasters, national networks, broadcaster groups, advertising and media agencies, and the entire film ecosystem, today announced an agreement with Vistar Media, a leading global provider of external programmatic technology. (DOOH). Under the agreement, Comscore’s activation audience, which includes cross-platform demographics, characters, and media consumption, is now available for Vistar’s programmatic DOOH targeting for the first time.

Given the rapid growth of programmatic DOOH, advertisers are urgently looking for more detailed audience information that can have an even greater impact on the campaign. By leveraging Comscore’s audience, Vistar will help accelerate DOOH’s growth and transition to omnichannel programmatic purchasing. Vistar can now target its buyers based on Comscore’s audience used in media such as the TV genres “Sport” and “Reality” or “Cable Cutters”.

“We are excited to partner with Comscore to provide their target audience with DOOH campaign buyers, enabling marketers to extend their preferred data strategies to the physical world,” said Laura Kasakoff, director of Vistar Media Data Partnerships. “With our new partnership, shoppers will have access to more sophisticated consumer behavior that has traditionally not been available to DOOH’s target audience.”

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“We are excited to partner with Vistar Media to bring the best Comscore audiences to the DOOH target,” said Jess Trainor, vice president of advertising platforms for Comscore. “At a time when digital out-of-home is becoming increasingly important to advertisers, Vistar’s leadership in programmatic DOOH is paving the way for continued growth and innovation within the DOOH space.”

Vistar is the first DOOH programmatic platform to present Comscore audiences, available across all programmatic platforms and traditionally used for advertising on computers, mobile devices, connected TV, and podcasts. The goal is to make all Comscore audiences accessible to DOOH to ensure advertisers can use the same audience across all channels.

In addition to supporting the DOOH goal, Comscore focused on providing the next generation of DOOH measurements. As part of this, Comscore develops solutions to accurately measure traditional outdoor platforms such as billboards, urban furniture, and location-based advertising platforms, designed to reach consumers in retail stores, medical offices and commercial spaces, colleges, entertainment venues, transportation hubs most.

Comscore Audience Activation ™ provides programmatic listening segments powered by Comscore’s massive databases for digital, mobile, CTV, podcast, and DOOH campaigns. Comscore Audience Activation helps advertisers improve their campaign performance by leveraging demographics, cross-platform TV viewing, streaming behavior, and characters to deliver important messages to the right consumers.

About Comscore

Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a trusted partner for cross-platform media planning, transactions, and evaluation. With a data footprint that combines digital, linear, over-the-top TV and cinema viewing intelligence with advanced audience insights, Comscore enables media buyers and sellers to quantify their behavior across multiple screens and make business decisions with confidence. Comscore, the proven leader in digital and TV audience measurement and advertising at scale, is the industry’s emerging third-party source for reliable and comprehensive cross-platform measurement. For more information, visit

About Vistar Media

Vistar Media is the leading global provider of outdoor software technology, offering enterprise-grade software designed specifically for the unique requirements of digital signage. Vistar offers buyers a Global Demand Platform (DSP) to enable programmatic, data-driven campaigns and a Delivery Platform (SSP) to connect tag operators with digital revenue. Vistar also operates some of the world’s most advanced tag networks with content and device management software (Cortex) and ad serving technology. Vistar was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York, NY.