CMG Declares Planned Initiative with Amazon Advertising

Cox Media Group (CMG) Local Solutions today announced a strategic initiative with Amazon Advertising that enables CMG Local Solutions, advertisers, to reach local audiences with Amazon Advertising’s digital offerings. With this initiative, CMG Local Solutions advertisers across the country can now programmatically acquire image and OTT ads through Amazon DSP and analyze their campaign performance with a suite of comprehensive funnel measurement solutions from Amazon Advertising. In addition to CMG’s excellent and secure local media branding and in-app advertising, these new offerings can extend the reach of local advertisers and increase sales.

“This is an exciting new opportunity for CMG Local Solutions and our advertising partners,” said Joe Weir, senior vice president of digital at CMG. “Amazon’s digital offerings, combined with Local Solutions’ unrivaled product experience, high-quality products and platforms, and CMG’s long-standing legacy, allow us to help local businesses more effectively achieve their marketing goals. .”

Local Solutions offers innovative digital solutions and advanced performance methods that seamlessly connect local brands with relevant audiences and refine and optimize campaigns in real-time.

In addition to a single source of solutions for Local Solutions customers, CMG Local Solutions advertising partners can provide a single view of your return on investment for all digital and television advertising, including Amazon Advertising products.

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