Cadbury DairyMilk recreates its iconic stadium ad with a beautiful twist

The candy giant’s iconic 1994 Cadbury Dairy Milk commercial, featuring model Shimona Rashi daringly dancing in a crowded cricket stadium, is still fresh in our minds as if it was released yesterday. This ad comes at a time when all the women in the ads were attractive, appropriate, and friendly. They dressed in light clothing or played the role of mothers and took care of a family together – only in the background. And there she was, Shimona in the Cadbury ad, dressed in a navy blue dress, feasting on a Cadbury candy bar at a cricket match like no one was watching.

We still can’t help passing safely through the field and starting a delicious victory dance to the sound of “asli swaad Zindagi ka”, made memorable by singer Shankar Mahadevan, playing in the background. It was also a critical moment for Cadbury, which was looking to reposition the brand in the market. The goal was to change the perception that chocolate is just for kids.

It’s 2021 and the brand and Ogilvy India have gone back in time, this time with a fun twist. The giant reversed the announcement and this time a man performed a beautiful and heartfelt dance to cheer his friend/partner. This reminds us that in every adult there is a child. The aim is to celebrate the women and girls who create spectacular success stories, cheer them up, and emerge as powerful role models for young people.

Anil Viswanathan, Senior Director of Marketing, Mondelez India, said of the campaign: “From business success to winning Olympic medals, women are at the forefront of creating new milestones every day and our film pays tribute to each one of them. a brand that has always promoted gender inclusion, presenting an iconic campaign is our way of recognizing the changing times and offering support to all pioneering women. The film is an extension of our history of sustainable generosity and also carries the message of how small but important steps in recognizing women’s achievements would make the world a better place to live. We hope this film will bring back a wave of nostalgia and we’re confident this updated version will love it as much as it will find if there is “original “.

The film made by Ogilvy India for Mondelez India shows a young cricketer winning a match and her boyfriend happily running to the field in shame and celebrating her spectacular performance as the crowd applauds. The film ends with a powerful message from #GoodLuckGirls in recognition of today’s egalitarian world, where women break down barriers and pursue all their dreams.

The mentor behind the first and second ads, Piyush Pandey, chairman of India’s global creative and executive committee, said: “It took a brave client in 1993 to continue the original Cadbury cricket film that became so popular. It took a brave client again to try something with an iconic film and make it magical, I am delighted that the Mondelez India and Ogilvy India team performed this magic making it relevant, exciting, and therefore Cadbury in its bold and bold. “

Sukesh Nayak, Harshad Rajadhyaksha, and Kainaz Karmakar, creative directors at Ogilvy India, added: “The excitement and tension in our heads were competing. Recreating a big hit is like preparing for a million opinions. that was good and great. We like the idea of ​​our weak spot. Happy customer too. Hats off to the all-girls team to all the girls who thought of it and hats off to bob Good Morning Films because he does it so well. ”

The ad won over a million hearts with a simple but compelling story in the 1990s and we can win back our hearts.