Burger King’s Ellie Doty is the latest marketer to leave the brand

Ellie Doty is the latest marketer to leave RBI after the departure of global general manager Fernando Machado (who has held the leadership position at Burger King for years) and global brand director Paloma Azulay, who was promoted by Machado after your exit. Doty joined Burger King in June 2020 as the first GMO in North America after visits to Chile and KFC.

The continued turmoil of RBI’s marketing teams comes as Burger King’s parents Popeyes and Tim Hortons struggle to increase same-store sales, especially when compared to competitors facing similar challenges due to the pandemic and resulting food shortages. In the last quarter, Burger King reported system-wide comparable store sales of 7.9%, weighted by a 1.6% decline in comparable sales in the United States. Meanwhile, comparable sales to competitor McDonald’s grew 12.7% globally, an increase of 9.6% in the United States.

Ellie Doty came to Burger King with extensive experience in brand strategy, creative menu ideas, and creating data-driven and digital marketing programs. Initially, she had a mission with guests, media, advertising, and social media insights. In July, she became interim co-leader of the company’s US and Canadian operations, when Burger King’s US President Chris Finazzo left the chain.

During Ellie Doty’s career as CMO in the United States, Ellie Doty at Burger King largely avoided his favorite “hackvertising” tactics during Machado’s tenure. In addition to experimenting with NFTs and cryptocurrencies while working to grow its app-based loyalty program, the network sought to differentiate itself from competitors with efforts that emphasized targeted initiatives.

This year, Burger King took over the popular McDonald’s famous ordering platform with its famous Keep It Real Meals run, marking the elimination of 120 artificial ingredients from the menu. The network also donated to the human rights campaign for every Ch’King menu item sold during Pride Month. The deal was executed “also on Sunday”, likely a blow to rival Chick-fil-A, which closed on Sunday and has a history of charitable giving against LGBTQ people.