‘Berries and Cream’ creators on what’s driving TikTok comeback of 14-year-old ad

The team behind the original Starburst campaign pointed out that intentionally trying to go viral is a recipe for failure before Little Lad breaks his ad-week panel.

“What’s old is new” may not be a saying marketer under pressure to innovate want to follow, but a recent trend at TikTok amplifies the power of bringing a sense of the past to the age of social video. The latest marketing sensation in the ByteDance app isn’t innovative technology or a friendly Generation Z brand, but rather refers to a 14-year-old Starburst commercial featuring a strange “Little Boy” – an adult dressed in the style of an old-school girl. a school that does an ever louder choreography of music and dance to a new scent of berries and cream.

On Tuesday, during a panel during Advertising Week, executives suggested that Berries and Cream’s resurgence goes beyond simple consumer nostalgia, as many TikTok users were eager to voice their opinion on feedback that it’s probably still was wearing diapers when the 2007 campaign was launched. (the app is especially popular with teenagers). Starburst quickly capitalized on the cultural turmoil by releasing a Halloween costume based on the character played by actor Jack Ferver. Other marketers are also picking up on social media advertising, and Shiner Beer plans to produce a berry and cream variant.

“These are campaigns that last. The people using these ads today probably weren’t even there when they first aired,” said Michael Italia, the owner’s head of research on social media and digital content. Starburst Mars Wrigley. The discussion was led by Kinney Edwards, global head of the TikTok Creative Lab.

“This new generation of fans is seeing this content for the first time through their favorite creators and bringing it to new life,” added Italy, who hadn’t yet worked for Mars Wrigley when the Starburst release was released. I do not have.

Berries and Cream’s rise to the top of the TikTok charts demonstrate the platform’s unique ability to transform organically emerging discussions into viral giants. Features like duets and dots make it easy for users to follow these trends in Italy, while the audio tracks accompanying the videos have been remixed with Berries and Cream sounds on everything from Abba songs to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

TikTok’s focus on short content reinforces another recurring quality that has made Berries and Cream a phenomenon. Ads inspired by the ad were viewed more than 350 million times in September, according to details emailed to Marketing Dive.

“The great thing about TikTok is its format; the time format somehow makes it more consumable,” said Scott Vitrone, one of Starburst’s early architects, who is now Fig’s creative director.