Auckland’s leading digital marketing agency explains SEO in the language of business leaders

According to Auckland’s leading digital marketing agency Zib Digital, SEO is the process of ensuring that a website appears as high as possible on any Google search. As Zib Digital explains, SEO is an ongoing process of refining a long series of highly technical digital articles and an ongoing, honest assessment of what people write during research.

SEO is the best link between customer intent and the ability to sell a product or service. Zib Digital claims that SEO is an important part of any digital strategy. The key to understanding this is understanding the data. Google data shows that for every 100 people who search Google, 72 clicks on an organic search result, and 65% of people on a website are in the top three positions.

Zib Digital explains that there are many reasons why companies fail to see the magnitude of the SEO opportunity in Auckland. The typical New Zealand agency is ill-equipped to complete the technical work necessary to make SEO a long-term success. As a result, many companies that have tried SEO don’t build trust if results aren’t achieved.

Additionally, Zib Digital claims that an SEO strategy that focuses on too many keywords will not yield effective results. Many agencies offering SEO services promise results in less than six months, and if results don’t materialize, owners and managers will lose hope. There is also a common misconception that when a website is built, it is “optimized for Google”. While there may be elements of technical setup, it is a gradual and consistent process over many months and years that produces the best results.

As Auckland’s leading SEO Company, Zib Digital has built a large and dedicated team of SEO experts. With depth, diversity, and strong leadership, Zib Digital consistently places customers in the top three on Google’s organic ranking.

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