Aniview extends its partnership with HUMAN to continue protecting its video advertising platform from advanced bot attacks

Aniview, a global video technology company that plays a key role in delivering digital advertising to publishers, and HUMAN Security Inc., a global leader in bot crowdsourcing and fraud, are extending their partnership to help protect their customers’ inventory from advanced automated cybersecurity risks. It further strengthens the partnership between the two companies by giving publishers and ad networks on the Aniview platform ongoing access to HUMAN’s MediaGuard ad fraud product.

Twenty-one was a turbulent year for botnet attacks, with PARETO, a highly sophisticated fraudulent operation that brings together an army of nearly a million bots to target CTV advertising ecosystems via mobile apps. The botnet used dozens of mobile apps to emulate or trick more than 6,000 CTV apps, with an average of 650 million ad requests per day. PARETO used advanced techniques to hide its identity throughout the ecosystem, but it was eventually discovered and stopped in April 2021 by HUMAN and the Human Collective.

By renewing its partnership with HUMAN, Aniview can further identify and eliminate these threats within its platform. PARETO’s successful exposure was made possible by Aniview’s dedicated approach to implementing HUMAN guidelines, including adopting all industry anti-fraud standards on their platform and installing a dedicated quality leader. It also better prepared Aniview and its customers for the new cybersecurity challenges ahead, giving them a stronger foundation for the next generation of ad fraud attacks by malicious actors.

HUMAN verifies the humanity of over 15 billion digital interactions per week and provides companies with a platform with unparalleled information about fraudulent internet activity. HUMAN achieves this scale through its continued expansion into cybersecurity and now offers a range of products to protect the entire digital customer journey: BotGuard for Applications, BotGuard for Growth Marketing, MediaGuard, Bot Insights Services. With new partners and companies now able to use the Human Verification Engine, we are coming to an even deeper understanding of the cybercrime landscape. This allows HUMAN to continually adapt, keep up with the competition and offer its customers collective protection against threat models they have yet to encounter. HUMAN and MediaGuard have registered trademarks of HUMAN Security, Inc.