Amazon DSP Program PPC Advertising Campaign Clear Ads Agency Shares Amazon Reviews Ideas

Amazon DSP Program PPC Advertising Campaign Clear Ads Trading Agency Shares Amazon Review Ideas

Clear Ads says, “There is a key aspect driving Amazon’s success that many sellers overlook and that creates and maintains a strong review profile.” Reviews are one of the most important factors influencing the decision-making stage during a consumer’s shopping journey. The company cites a statistic from American software company Power Reviews, which estimates that a zero increase for a rating can increase the likelihood of conversion by as much as 65%.

Reviews are also essential for the seller. “Customer ratings are an extremely valuable form of feedback, allowing retailers to conduct in-depth sentiment analysis and adjust their approach as needed to engage customers,” said agency Amazon PPC. An increase in the number of retailers moving to online operations is creating an incredibly competitive market, where reviews can be directly the main distinction between products with similar features, functionality, and price ranges.

Following an investigation launched by the Financial Times into suspicious activity related to activating or facilitating false reviews, Amazon is taking a very rigorous approach to product reviews. However, Clear Ads describes some of the most effective ways to build a solid Amazon product review profile that’s easy to implement:

  • Generate reviews organically.
  • Request revisions.
  • Crossed sale.
  • Provide an incentive.
  • Select products for the initial evaluation program.
  • Log in to Amazon vine.

And when it comes to dealing with any negative reviews, Clear Ads suggests: “Accept them. Negative reviews are an opportunity to learn. It’s also an opportunity to show your commitment to great shopping experiences to help your customers deliver.”

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