Kevin the Carrot stars opposite Ebanana Scrooge in Aldi .’s Christmas campaign

After pulling Kevin de Wortel out of his Christmas campaign this weekend and sparking much speculation about his fate, Aldi released the full holiday ad featuring the brand’s mascot returning for its sixth year.

Created by McCann UK, the commercial reproduces the classic Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol. Ebanana Scrooge, a new grocery character, is confronted by Kevin’s Christmas ghost for his deceitful attitude and is taken on a winter flight to remind him of the joys of the season.

After a Christmas lunch filled with food is offered, the story ends with the moral: “To be happy, you have to be good.”

The animated film features a host of new fruit and vegetable characters, including Marcus Radishford, voiced by English forward Marcus Rashford. Viewers also meet Tiny Tom, Peas and Goodwill, and Kevin’s Dickensian family.

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“Each year, anticipation grows for our most popular brand assets, and this year Kevin is helping a new character, Ebanana Scrooge, discover the true meaning of Christmas,” said Sean McGinty, marketing director at Aldi.

“It wouldn’t be a holiday season without Kevin the Root on our TV screens and we look forward to bringing him back to his many fans for the sixth year on what we consider to be his best Christmas show ever. We hope our campaign reminds everyone of the True Meaning of Christmas. “

“A Christmas Carrot” ad is part of a larger seasonal campaign to donate 1.8 million meals during the holiday season to families in need in the UK.

McGinty added: “Christmas is a time of hope and we are privileged to work with Marcus [Rashford], one of the most inspiring young people in the UK who has done a lot in the past 18 months to provide free school lunches. Delivery for kids. “