Adsquare provides data and insights on mobile devices and OOH ads

Adsquare, the global location, and auditory intelligence company, now uses information from O2 Motion, which allows companies to use collaborative and anonymous crowd movement data for contextual mobile targets, as well as for greater planning and activation international campaigns.

O2 Motion is a service that uses anonymous and aggregated data created by O2’s mobile network to provide information on motion trends in the UK. As mobile devices are connected to different antennas, they create data footprints that O2 can anonymously combine and extract to get a picture of how people travel, when they travel, and what areas they visit.

Anonymous and curated insights from O2 Motion are now available on the Adsquare platform in the form of easy-to-activate segments, enhancing the Adsquare UK Proximity Targeting and OOH Planning and Activation solutions. Adsquare’s proprietary location-based targeting solutions can be leveraged through pre-built API integrations for all relevant DSPs, including Adform, Display, LoopMe, Scoota, Splicky, Hawk, The Trade Desk, and Xandr.

Adsquare technology already enriches the geographic locations of mobile devices or DOOH screens with real-time spatial data (with geographic location/longitude sent from the supply side). The company now provides this information with historical, anonymous, and aggregated data about O2 Motion’s crowd movement. This data is turned into information that allows advertisers to look into the past, assess the present, and predict future trends. In other words, advertisers benefit from a better understanding of customer behavior and profiles at the site level, all subject to privacy and data protection processes by the GDPR.

Tom Laband, CEO and co-founder of Adsquare, said: ‚ÄúProviding high-quality data and privacy to marketers is Adsquare’s top priority. We are proud to partner with O2 Motion, which provides a unique and scalable view of the anonymous and curated crowd movement trends in the UK. “