ADEX Anti-Fraud Platform Announces Real-Time Traffic Analysis Available to All Customers

ADEX, a provider of anti-fraud solutions to protect advertisers’ websites from bots, claims to have up-to-date traffic analysis for all types of customers, as well as a variety of advanced anti-fraud tools.

Keeping the road clean at a critical time is crucial, as this is the only way to avoid the dramatic consequences of a crime plan. ADEX scans traffic in real-time to see if it is legitimate before bots disrupt ad campaigns.

The platform offers five powerful tools that can support a wide range of tricks in real-time, as well as the latest and greatest music tracks.


Backlinks allow advertisers to differentiate between fake users and be aware of the quality of their traffic instantly by sending an immediate notification whenever a mirror event occurs. Unnecessary areas can be blocked before they ruin a campaign.


The API collects and analyzes campaign data automatically. This comprehensive tool can create tokens, retrieve information, analyze it, and help advertisers promote their ads on the information they receive.

Traffic Redirect

Traffic Redirect is a highly developed anti-bot solution that allows advertisers to send harmful traffic to each other and then direct it to the site. It also monitors the traffic that goes directly and prevents bots from advertising websites.

Claim Reports

The Complaint Complaint is designed to create a custom bounce report, which contains detailed information on how the traffic sources are working. These reports include accurate statistics and clear evidence to promote reciprocity by advertisers.

JS Tag

JS Tag works with the HTML tier as an embedded storage layer. This plan is designed as an add-on.

Hundreds of advertisers have already confirmed the performance of the ADEX app: anti-fraud and at the same time saving around $ 1BN + of their marketing budget.

Prevention is a better strategy than trying to eliminate fraudulent fraud for businesses. The ADEX package covers various aspects of the problem, allowing you to instantly scan traffic, detect bots, remove them, and report custom bounces. ADEX scans each suspicious user individually, based on a number of parameters, such as browser type, location, code of conduct, use of VPN, etc. This is enough to save your budget. The other thing is that the technology is constantly evolving and saves millions of dollars for our customers every month… “.

About ADEX

ADEX is an anti-fraud solution designed to monitor traffic in real-time, as well as fast security. The services of the platform include tools for the investigation, redirection, analysis, reports, and in-depth analysis of each visitor to the website.

As a clear and concise website, ADEX perfectly exceeds Google’s simple conviction. The company now has a Google vendor list, which demonstrates impeccable reliability and user experience.

In addition, ADEX is a member of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) family, the European Association for digital marketing and local media, and the winners of the IAB TCF (Transparency & Consent Framework) certification.