Madison Logic achieves leader status in the G2 Summer 2022 rankings for the fifth consecutive season

Madison Logic, the leading account-based digital marketing (ABM) platform, today announced that it has received top honors in multiple categories at the G2 Summer 2022 Grid®. Not only were customers named a leader in marketing account analytics for the fifth straight quarter, but they also recognized the company for its high user adoption and ease of installation.

The G2 Summer Grid is calculated based on customer satisfaction and market presence within a product category. The recognition confirms the impact marketers are having using ML Insights, a combined dataset that gives global business B2B marketers a holistic view of which companies are showing the most willingness to buy. This leaner, more data-driven approach allows them to identify and prioritize their target accounts, enable data-driven applications around the world through key channels that revenue marketers trust, and measure the direct impact on their business pipeline and business growth. By prioritizing the accounts to interact with using ML Insights, marketers improve ROI and increase conversion rates. On average, sales and marketing teams see a 17% increase in pipeline volume, a 33% increase in pipeline value, and a 25% faster pipeline speed with Madison Logic than with other accounts.

“We are extremely proud of the newly released G2 ratings as they directly reflect how customers feel about the value and efficiency of our ABM platform,” said Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic. “Every successful account-based strategy starts with using data to prioritize and engage the right accounts across multiple channels. Our clients know they will see consistent results working with us and they constantly renew their contracts because they trust us role system channel strategy to accelerate the sales cycle.”

According to G2, Marketing Account Intelligence software collects detailed prospective data to help marketers develop a list of accounts that match a user’s ideal customer profile. Marketing account intelligence systems are being implemented to combat the ineffectiveness of the traditional “spray and pray” marketing approach. By implementing this software, marketing organizations can maximize their efforts for accounts with a high probability of converting into customers, reducing the time and money spent on prospects with a low probability of conversion. These tools also help sales teams by providing detailed information, such as a lead’s role in the business hierarchy or a lead’s business segment. This software is primarily used by sales and marketing teams to understand purpose and control accounts.

G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted peer-to-peer assessment platform for business solutions. Summer 2022 program reports are based on a unique algorithm that calculates customer satisfaction and market presence scores in real-time. Madison Logic’s high customer ratings are based on the positive momentum from other recent industry awards and the latest iteration of the Travel Acceleration integration with LinkedIn Ads. By leveraging ML Insights to prioritize and engage with accounts across multiple channels around the world, marketers can now seamlessly enable a unified multi-channel strategy to accelerate the sales cycle on the ML platform.