Celebrities Are the Key to a Memorable Super Bowl Ad

For companies trying to sell during a major athletic event, the Super Bowl has turned into a high-stakes bet. Advertisers may reach an audience that averages more than 100 million people at Fox’s $7 million asking price per 30-second slot in 2023.

An estimated 208 million people watched the Super Bowl of the previous year. With so much money spent on Super Bowl participation, marketers must create a splash to stick in viewers’ minds. The usage of celebrities has been one strategy for doing that.

According to “The Super Poll,” a survey conducted in October 2022 among a representative sample of over 1,000 people across geographies, genders, ages, and ethnicities by Omnicom agency The Marketing Arm, almost two out of three viewers (64%) believe that people are more likely to purchase a product when it is endorsed by a celebrity.

Among members in the Gen Z group, that number jumps to 70%. The Marketing Arm’s svp of influencer and celebrity Megan McMahon told Adweek that the Super Bowl has evolved into a cultural touchstone.

The influence of celebrities helps firms stand out among the many options available to customers. It’s a fantastic technique to gain notice and stand out from the crowd if you’re going to have that moment.

According to Villanova University marketing professor Charles R. Taylor, during the past 25 years, celebrities have appeared in around a third of the advertisements.

There has been an increase in the number of Super Bowl advertisements featuring famous people in recent years; now, this number is far above 50%, perhaps even closer to two-thirds.

Additionally, brands are not only targeting one star. Multiple celebrities have appeared in more Super Bowl commercials in recent years.

Taylor said, “The Super Bowl has this great event feel, and people are watching together, they’re viewing a lot of advertising. That’s why there have been more celebrity-filled ads in recent years.

“In such a setting, it’s critical for the advertisement to stand out and be remembered. A particularly effective tool to draw attention to the advertisement is a celebrity.