At the “Service Trade Fair,” Tesla presents a brand-new intelligent lifestyle.

The Tesla exhibit at the “China International Fair for Trade in Services” at the Beijing National Convention Center quickly gained popularity as a place to “check in” on September 4. Tesla quickly developed a delightful “immersive” interactive experience. Customers waited in line to take part in the games and light displays in the interactive entertainment area, the camping recreation area, and the free charging area, as well as to experiment with new smart entertainment and technical fashion aspects.

Overview Highlight:

  • Life has altered as a result of technology. You can play a variety of classic games through the large screen by connecting the handle; the coffee maker, the vehicle transforms into a mobile coffee shop; and Tesla’s immersive large screen, Tesla Mic, and the excellent sound quality of the car audio displayed on the scene transformed the car space into a small “recording room.” Tesla keeps bringing more inventive features to vehicle users through technology, making a gasoline car owner exclaim, “I never believed that the car could be utilized like this before.” Tesla also provides OTA air update possibilities.
  • Be ready to quickly adapt to new consumption conditions. The Tesla Model Y model quickly adopted the current camping trend by converting the trunk into a cozy “bedroom” and equipping it with camping chairs, record players, and other accessories. This allowed the driver to simulate a camping trip inside the vehicle while creating a romantic atmosphere with the large-screen bonfire image and sound effects. Tesla vehicles also develop features that conventional gasoline vehicles do not have, such as pet mode, and respond to a variety of situations, such as parent-child transportation, entertainment, self-driving transportation, and lunch breaks.
  • Increase the pace of new infrastructure. By using the “producing pedals” on the “interactive experience area” station, visitors may turn on the lights that symbolize Tesla supercharging stations. Currently, Tesla has constructed 100 supercharging stations and 890 supercharging piles throughout Beijing’s corporate areas, tourist attractions, and transit hubs. Tesla has made technological investments. For instance, the V3 supercharging pile enables some models to charge for 15 minutes to increase battery life by 250 kilometers. A fundamental equilibrium between local energy production and consumption may be achieved by the integrated light-storage-charge charging pile.
  • Aid in low-carbon living. An emerging trend is an eco-friendly travel. The “Beijing’s Plan on Encouraging Vehicle Replacement and Consumption” was unveiled in June 2022, and the “Instructions for Applying for Passenger Car Indicators (Individual)” issued by the Beijing Municipal Office for the Regulation and Management of Passenger Vehicle Indicators, both of which encourage everyone to buy new energy vehicles in terms of subsidies and car purchase indicators, which will influence more consumers’ decisions to buy cars. To support Beijing’s green growth and the achievement of the “dual carbon” target, Tesla has gathered more people to select low-carbon and energy-saving travel and lifestyles.