What Is OTT Advertising: A Breakdown of Over-the-Top Ads

A new medium has emerged, known as over-the-top advertising (OTT), which allows brands to reach viewers through streaming video services and devices such as smart or connected TVs. OTT advertising is a viable part of a brand’s media mix. More than just a branding and recognition game, OTT is a complete channel that provides scalability, measurability, and data-driven segmentation. As OTT visualization continues to explode, discover the opportunities that can open up for your brand when you use OTT videos to support your sales and marketing goals.

1. What are OTT ads?

Over-the-top (OTT) ads are ads delivered directly to viewers over the Internet via streaming video services or devices such as smart TVs or connected TVs (CTVs).

The term “over-the-top” comes from the ability to bypass traditional TV providers that control media distribution, allowing advertisers to reach their audience directly.

Additionally, media companies (and advertisers) seek freedom of movement without scheduled times or geographic restrictions.

2. Why do brands invest in OTT videos?

Just as streaming services are disrupting the traditional television industry, OTT advertising is also changing the paid media landscape.

OTT video is a viable part of the multimedia performance mix

At the top of the video is a channel that can serve a wide variety of marketing and sales initiatives, thanks to its growing dimension based on data, measurement, and targeting capabilities.

Many posts just talk about exaggeration in the context of the perception of the top funnel or to simplify OTT goals in the same way as TV goals. You can use OTT video as a complete channel that provides a performance channel that doesn’t just build your brand; can attract customers and go through the entire funnel.

Some topics covered:

  • Distinguish between OTT distribution channels and advertising platforms.
  • Increase ad relevance, leading to greater engagement
  • Build campaigns with complementary and targeted strategies
  • Auditory and Cross-Channel OTT Segmentation Tactics
  • How to measure the success of your OTT investment?