Trends in Content Marketing 2022

What’s in store for the future of content marketing?

Do you hate this question as much as I do? Even though I’m not a fan (maybe because I never got a good answer), I understand why they ask me. The interviewer wants to know if the candidate has thought about the short-term future and how the candidate’s potential path to success fits into the company.

With a professional approach, we asked the experts at Content Marketing World what they think will be the biggest changes in content marketing in the next five years. It’s not a list of anticipated technological advances or bizarre assumptions – it’s practical and proactive. You can take one or all 25 and start working on it today (if you aren’t already) to strategically plan for short-term and long-term success.

Amber Naslund with LinkedIn, Marcus Collins with Wieden + Kennedy New York, and Mark Bornstein with ON24 discuss:

  • The role of content in marketing in the future
  • the risks and benefits of authenticity
  • How diversity created opportunities in storytelling
  • Legitimation in history, what is good and what is not
  • what skills are needed to be a successful marketer in 2022 and beyond