Panel Discussion: Develop Next Level Personas to Improve CX &amp

Discussion Topics:

  • Determine what types of data and insight should inform persona development
  • Encourage adoption of personas for key roles
  • Apply personas to customer experience (CX) and growth initiatives

Customer perception is the fuel for all marketing (and sales) initiatives. However, marketing leaders still struggle to create interesting and useful characters that drive the improvement and growth of the customer experience. So how do you know what kind of person to create? How can you package and produce characters so that customer information is easily accessible and usable? How do you ensure that marketing initiatives really depend on this insight to drive business decisions? Join this webinar as a group of Gartner experts exploring how leading marketing organizations are elevating their personality and how your organization can achieve comparable results.

Companies of all types have invested heavily in tools and technologies to help them better understand their customers and benefit from a better customer experience (CX). As leaders strive to obtain a more complete picture of customer preferences and behavior, they continue to rely on the research-based legacy metrics that have been the backbone of CX’s efforts for decades. Companies use these systems to track CX performance through brand or relationship surveys, close customer feedback through post-trade surveys, and even plan strategic steps by properly testing feedback from their regular surveys. Entire teams are dedicated to managing questionnaires and increasing response rates, and the results can influence everything from employee bonuses and executive compensation to strategic investment decisions.