Google & Facebook Best Practices & Trends

Online event

If you’re looking for a digital advertising strategy, it’s important to ensure representation across many platforms and channels. This webinar discusses in detail the advertising practices of Google and Facebook in particular, with Google being the most prominent and often the most successful of all paid media platforms. There are a variety of advertising options and channels, as well as a multitude of targeting options. Anvil’s paid media team provides best practices for Google Search, Display Network, Video, and Shopping campaigns and the best ways to use them. The team also discusses best practices for Facebook ads, including image sizes, optimal ad text length, the type of image that works best, and the type of audience most engaged with Facebook. Join us to see how you can use these platforms more effectively in your digital marketing strategy.

As Facebook prides itself on having 2.6 billion active users per month, this social networking site is a giant and a great place to redirect your marketing efforts, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub. Even if you’re already on Facebook (and can even create a business page and run ads), are you really using all of Facebook’s best practices?

Even if you’re not a social marketer, or know very little about online marketing, it’s worth investing time and effort to know what tools you have available, to understand who the platform’s most active users are, and to take advantage of what they are inside people are involved!