Fundamentals of Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ads help companies of all sizes achieve their goals. You can target a single audience, create simple and effective ads, and manage budgets and costs while advertising on the world’s largest professional network.

The basics of a good advertising campaign are quite simple and can be divided into 5 sections.

Section 1

Pay attention

You want your ad campaign to stand out from all the noise, but be different.

Good advertising should connect and appeal to people emotionally; the best publicity is more than information and education.

They must immediately provoke an emotional response from your target customer.

Section 2

Show people an advantage

Do you have the best product or the best service?

Well, how do people know? Your ad must show your audience the benefits of your brand above all others.

Emphasize your company’s attractiveness to the key motivational forces that drive people, their emotions, and their instincts.

Section 3


This follows section 2, where you add meat to the bones of your ad campaign. Prove why your product and service are the best and can last from start to finish of your campaign.

Section 4

Let people enjoy this benefit.

So far, you’ve done the “hard work” on your campaign, caught people’s attention, showcase your brand’s strengths above all others, and followed the evidence.

This section will go to the end of your campaign and come to the end; here, you want to take the audience by the hand, perhaps with an offer or incentive, and send them to the last part of your ad and arguably the biggest and most important part of the advertising fundamentals.

Section 5

Ask for action

The seller calls it blocking, the advertisers call it action.

This is where the money is, this is where you take your customers’ customers and get them to invest money in your brand.

This is where the real proof is that your advertising campaign worked; it’s your return on investment.

These are, of course, just the basis for running a successful advertising campaign; however, if you do it right, your advertising campaign will have a greater chance of success.

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