Data Democratization: Unlocking Data to Deliver Optimal Customer Experiences

Are your data silos empowering your marketers to customize and improve CX, or are they getting in the way of your understanding of customer behavior? Extracting customer data shouldn’t be as painful as extracting teeth.

Today, every part of an organization—from marketing to business analysts to customer service—needs quick access to customer data to create effective experiences. Make smarter, more valuable data-driven decisions to embrace data democratization. Data democratization is the ability for information in digital format to be accessible to the average end-user. The goal of data democratization is to allow non-specialists to collect and analyze data without outside help.

Join experts at Acquia and Bouunitely to demonstrate how marketers can access the data they need to create better customer experiences at every touchpoint.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why You Should Democratize Your Data
  • What happens if the data is not democratic?
  • How different groups in your organization benefit from data democratization
  • What you need to support data democratization in your organization