Build the Best Business Case for B2B Digital Commerce

Discussion Topics:

  • Discover the key trends and data you need to support digital commerce
  • Discover how digital initiatives align with business goals and objectives
  • View the time, costs, and resources required to implement e-commerce initiatives

Most B2B marketing leaders responsible for digital commerce strive to define a digital sales channel strategy that integrates existing sales channels and processes while adding value to buyers. They face internal resistance, fear that online sales will cannibalize traditional sales channels, and often lack their own data to help define the right digital B2B commerce experience. This webinar will help you understand the strategy needed to prepare your organization for digital business and build a compelling business for B2B digital commerce.

Effective marketing is hard to fix. Between creative demands, budget constraints, and channel decisions, marketers have a lot to do with developing your marketing strategy.

However, the biggest determinant of effective marketing is your audience.

If you don’t target your shopper correctly, your promotions and advertisements will likely not be heard. You may also not reach the market. Where the target audience varies most, however, is between individual consumers and businesses. Some companies serve individual customers, while others serve companies and organizations.