Oct 17-20| Marketing Mania

Oct 17-20

Last year’s massive digital migration has spawned an explosion of digital touchpoints between businesses and consumers. The dawn of a hyperconnected era is approaching as AI, 5G, Big Data, compelling advertising, and traditional mobile marketing models are approaching. And evolution will only accelerate from here.

How will brands and marketers track the following? Marketing madness is the ultimate answer. It will be the most important and powerful technology meeting in the industry in October.

Do you think you have the product, solution, or technology to make marketing a new era?

Do you want to expand your marketing network, improve your marketing skills, and seek advice from marketing gurus? The marketing frenzy is right where you need to be. Join your peers and gain hands-on experience at some of the biggest marketing companies in the world!


All of the most proactive marketers in the Middle East are looking to learn about innovations, strategies, techniques, and tips to keep up with evolving trends and make themselves and their businesses the top names in their respective disciplines.