ATS London 2021

Nov 3 to 4, 2021

London, England – United Kingdom

ATS London 2021 – Reframing the Future of Marketing & Advertising

The marketing industry is at a crossroads. With the elimination of third-party cookies, restrictions on the use of identifiers, and the introduction of strict privacy laws into law, the industry must rethink the way it sells to consumers.

Big Tech platforms must thrive in this native world, but does that mean the end of the open Internet and independent AdTech? New. This is the industry’s golden opportunity to rethink how to measure and segment from a consumer-centric, privacy-focused position.

Join ATS London this year on November 3rd and 4th and discover:

  • How publishers regained control of their value in the ad chain and what it means for buyers
  • What marketers need to understand about industry changes in segmentation and measurement and how they will affect ROI
  • Why privacy and identity will support the future of marketing and advertising
  • What technology solutions are being developed to address these challenges and how can they be used?