Find the right HCM provider that understands your church’s needs.

Churches and faith-based organizations have unique payroll and HR needs compared to other organizations. Partnering with a payroll and HR provider that understands challenges around needs such as ordained minister’s pay and housing allowance is crucial. Researching and finding the right solution for your faith-based organization can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. 

APS’ Church Buyer’s Guide can help you streamline your research with our tips, tools, and detailed checklists so you’re able to select the best fit for your church.

Download this free Church Buyer’s Guide to ensure you’re considering factors such as: 

  • Income flexibility for housing allowance and minister pay
  • Tracking and allocating employee and volunteer wage expenses to funds or specific general ledger accounts
  • Federal and state tax support for church-related special taxation issues, integrating accounting, general ledger, and 403(b) applications
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